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"Leading Impact NPQSL allowed me to target my individual development needs, whilst at the same time remaining broad enough to allow me to learn from colleagues, who form a network of support."

Case studies

  • Actions speak louder than words

    What is the Quiet Revolution?

    The Quiet Revolution is for people who believe that every child can achieve, who are always searching for better ways to support their students.

  • Ciara Murphy

    NEW: Pupil Lesson Observers

    One of the most effective things I’ve seen that has helped improve pupil progress is using pupils as observers within a lesson...

  • Zahida Hammond

    NEW: The Breakfast Club

    One of the most impressive things I’ve seen was the Breakfast Club, at a primary school in North Tyneside. It’s just a thing of beauty and inspiration...

  • Jan Browne

    Pupil iPads

    We’ve had a huge impact through the iPad scheme that we use at school. We have one-to-one devices for every child in Key Stage 2...