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"Leading Impact NPQSL allowed me to target my individual development needs, whilst at the same time remaining broad enough to allow me to learn from colleagues, who form a network of support."

Case studies

  • FL Whittle Havelock Academy 2

    In it for the long haul

    Future Leader Nigel Whittle on his decision to move to Grimsby with his young family and become Principal of Havelock Academy.

  • FL Nigel Whittle Havelock Academy Secondary

    Havelock Academy: The end of the line?

    "Grimsby is 90 minutes from the nearest city and ‘at the end of the railway line’. It makes it harder to recruit quality teachers and leaders to work with our amazing students."

  • Children Randal Cremer primary reading

    The Introverted Leader

    Wendy Baxter defends the introverted leader. Introversion has a real impact on leadership style, often a positive one – and yet it is frequently considered a handicap.

  • FL computers cropped

    The Talents of a Head

    "There are schools across the country where all pupils, regardless of background, are achieving, aspiring and going on to bright futures. We hope that the Talented Leaders programme will add to their number."