Could you be a headteacher who helps every child in your school achieve?

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"Leading Impact NPQSL allowed me to target my individual development needs, whilst at the same time remaining broad enough to allow me to learn from colleagues, who form a network of support."

Case studies

  • Actions speak louder than words

    What is the Quiet Revolution?

    The Quiet Revolution is for people who believe that every child can achieve, who are always searching for better ways to support their students.

  • Sarah

    NEW: Teaching Perseverance

    In one of Doug Lemov’s schools the school principal used the assembly as a tool for her to check how well the children were learning in class.

  • Ceri

    NEW: Teacher Tips Magazine

    The Teacher Tips magazine is published internally every half term, and includes book reviews, resources, evidence of best practice and more...

  • Rav

    Fun Lunch, Effective Registration

    I’ve created flexible lunchtimes for our school, which means the children are made to feel special and they’ve got greater space.