Children in poverty have far fewer opportunities in life. Great school leaders can change that.

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"Leading Impact NPQSL allowed me to target my individual development needs, whilst at the same time remaining broad enough to allow me to learn from colleagues, who form a network of support."

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  • Craig D'Cunha

    Building futures in a turnaround school

    Across England, a child's education is too often defined by their postcode. Craig D’Cunha is part of a programme that aims to improve the life chances of every child - wherever they live.

  • Female leader

    Closing the gender gap in school senior leadership

    Many will be familiar with the clichéd idea that ‘Men are from Mars and women are from Venus’. While we’re not from different planets, there are undoubtedly different approaches and leadership styles between the sexes.

  • Headteacher

    England’s headteacher shortage

    Anecdotal and empirical evidence show a decline in the supply of people who want to become heads, while a number of factors mean demand can only increase over the next five years.

  • Drawing

    The most rewarding challenge

    Sir Michael Wilshaw explains how good leadership in a school is absolutely fundamental to delivering good education for children.