Children in poverty have far fewer opportunities in life. Great school leaders can change that.

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"Leading Impact NPQSL allowed me to target my individual development needs, whilst at the same time remaining broad enough to allow me to learn from colleagues, who form a network of support."

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  • Calais

    No excuses: education for refugee children in northern France's camps

    I started my career as a teacher more than 20 years ago, with a Fellowship in an Oxford College. However I had always preferred classroom work with children and so I moved back to secondary education as soon as I finished my research.

  • Together

    Why we can’t wait for educational equality

    Teaching Leaders and The Future Leaders Trust have announced we are to join forces as one organisation. The reason for this decision is simple: by coming together we intend to improve the life chances of more of the most disadvantaged pupils in our country, and faster.

  • Building

    Be the leader you want to be, whatever your background

    I knew I wanted to be a teacher from the age of seven. But it’s taken more than ambition to get a black woman from a disadvantaged East End community to headship; particularly when motherhood came into the mix.

  • Drawing

    The most rewarding challenge

    Sir Michael Wilshaw explains how good leadership in a school is absolutely fundamental to delivering good education for children.