For Applicants

If you are a qualified teacher with strong leadership potential, you could be a senior leader after 12 months and a secondary headteacher after 4 years with Future Leaders support.

Drive lasting change and achievement in challenging secondary schools; eradicate educational disadvantage

As a Future Leader, you will receive intensive Foundations training in the summer, before a year-long residency as part of the senior leadership team at a carefully selected school, under the apprenticeship of an outstanding headteacher.

You will develop and complete a series of initiatives that will benefit the development of the school and its pupils and will help you learn more about all aspects of senior leadership, ultimately leading to your first headship. You will be teaching a reduced timetable, so you will have time to reflect on your leadership journey.

Unlock your potential to be an outstanding leader

Future Leaders believes that the most challenging schools need the best leadership. Through tailored in-school and offsite experiences, and outstanding mentoring, coaching and training, you will develop the skills and vision to make a lasting difference to the lives of pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds.

If selected, we believe that you have the potential, with the right training and support, to be a senior leader within 12 months, begin the National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH) within 3 years and be a headteacher thereafter.

Join an inclusive network of like-minded, highly motivated individuals

Your cohort will form a special network of dynamic, supportive leaders with a strong sense of mission. You will learn a lot about yourself and will be challenged in what you thought could be possible in your own learning and in others.

Participants who join this programme become part of a lifelong network of peers, all committed to making a difference in challenging schools, shaping the future leaders of this country and giving back to the programme in order to support our shared mission of reaching every child.

Applications to the Future Leaders programme for Cohort 12 have now closed. Please check back in the Autumn for information on applying for Cohort 13.

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