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“Having worked in education since 1975, I was first appointed as Headteacher in 1988. I have seen a lot of educational initiatives - I reflect on many of them and think why? But there are very few that I look at and think “If only this had been around 25 years ago.” The Future Leaders programme is one of these initiatives. By calibrating opportunity, support and challenge it is providing school leaders with a cadre of fledgling, but fully formed potential Headteachers for the future. I just wish it had been around back in the early 1980’s. If it had I’d have been one of the first applicants.”

Kathy August, Strategic Principal, Manchester Academy, North West

 “Andrew was our first Future Leader – and what a difference he made to our school! He arrived at the same time as we started our new curriculum, which included a suspended timetable day every other Friday. We had the idea before Andrew came – but he made it work. He took on the challenge of planning and implementing the days, negotiating with (sometimes reluctant) staff, booking outside speakers and course providers, managing the budget… everything. That the days are a huge success is a tribute to Andrew's leadership skills, and I hope and expect that the experiences he gained with us will speed him on his way to headship.”

Margaret Wheeler, Headteacher, Forest Gate Community School, London

“Future Leaders is a fantastic programme, to the extent that we currently have our 4th consecutive resident here at Hampstead School. The high calibre of all our Future Leader residents is testimony to the organisation’s commitment to recruit the best, and to the intense ongoing training they receive. It is the powerful combination of moral imperative, lucid values-driven motivation and a clear know-how on how to deliver those values on the ground that means that every Future Leader resident has left a tangible, lasting legacy.”   

Jacques Szemalikowski, Headteacher, Hampstead School, London Borough of Camden, London

“As a new Headteacher I have been delighted by the opportunity to add capacity to my Senior Leadership Team by appointing a Future Leader. My previous experience of working with two exceptional Future Leaders, both of whom were appointed to substantive roles within the first twelve months, gave me confidence that placing a Future Leader would be supportive in actioning my vision. The people I have had the privilege of working with on Future Leaders have all been ‘Current Leaders’ capable of delivering with immediate impact from day one. The educational philosophy at the core of the The Future Leaders Trust's mission supports the drive for whole school improvement and the aim of providing an education that transforms individual life chances for all. On a personal note, I have no doubt that my involvement as an in-school mentor and exposure to The Future Leaders Trust undoubtedly aided my own accelerated development to Headship.”

Matthew Bowler, Headteacher, Longdendale Community Language College, North West

“This is our first year of active involvement in the Future Leaders programme and we are deeply impressed with the selection process and high quality of our Future Leader.  The philosophy of early identification of potential talent and a year- long residency followed by further support is an ideal programme for developing the future leaders of challenging schools.

Our Future Leader has strengthened our Leadership Team and made a significant contribution to staff development and the future development of our school. I am particularly impressed with the high level of commitment, energy and enthusiasm our Future Leader and the overall programme has brought to our school.

We hope our relationship with The Future Leaders Trust will be a long and fruitful one.”

John Cornally, Headteacher, Blessed Thomas Holford Catholic College, North West

“The Future Leaders programme is an excellent strategy for developing young leaders who have a huge amount of potential but limited experience. By placing them in a school in a challenging or disadvantaged area they are given a first-hand taste of what the leaders of such schools face, and they blossom. It is a win-win situation. The young teacher gains, in one year, the experience necessary to then join a leadership team and further their career, and the school’s senior team is enhanced and strengthened by their enthusiasm and skills whilst they are on placement. We have an outstanding Assistant Principal here who came through the Future Leader programme. We currently also have an excellent Future Leader on placement who, in a few weeks, has already shown great skill and professionalism.  I’m also delighted that the Future Leader who had his placement here last year is going on to a very promising career elsewhere. I cannot recommend Future Leaders highly enough.”

Rachel Kidd, Principal, Dixons Allerton Academy, Yorkshire and Humberside

“Currently we are in the most exciting phase of our development, the creation and implementation of a new and radical model of education to ensure every student achieves their potential and has entry to higher education.  I am extremely fortunate to have with me three Future Leaders who have, alongside their colleagues, shown themselves to be exceptionally effective, efficient and mission driven.  The quality of training from The Future Leaders Trust, teamed alongside the alignment to our core values and ambitions has enabled rapid improvement.  These three Future Leaders are putting their training into practice and are transforming the lives of children. An exceptional programme ”

Jason Baigent, Principal, The Globe Academy, London

“We have had four Future Leaders over the last four years and a new one started in September. All the Future Leaders have contributed hugely to the school. They have added capacity and new ideas and shared the training and development they have benefitted from as Future leaders participants. All four have gone on to jobs as senior leaders – one with us – and I would employ them all if I could! We are very proud of their achievements and know they will go on to be brilliant headteachers in the not too distant future.”

Kenny Frederick, Principal, George Green’s School, London 

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