Eligibility Criteria for Schools

The Future Leaders Trust has created eligibility criteria (as below) to determine suitable schools for our flagship programme. The basic principles of this eligibility criteria on Ever 6 FSM and academic performance will always be adhered to.

Our mission is to develop outstanding headteachers who will work to achieve the greatest impact possible for disadvantaged children. We believe that the leadership and career experiences gained at state primary and second schools will offer our participants more opportunities for progression to headship within two to five years.

For this reason, we strongly recommend candidates complete their residency year (first year) at a state primary or secondary school.

However, we will give consideration on a case-by-case basis to specific schools where our criteria may not necessarily apply. For more information about this, please contact the Schools team at school@future-leaders.org.uk.

*Our definition of disadvantaged pupil is as per those on the DfE performance tables – namely those considered as eligible for free school meals and children looked after (i.e. In the care of the Local Authority for at least 6 months)

We will also work with any school currently in Special Measures (although these schools may not be appropriate for residency placements). 


Search for your school

You can find out if your school could work host a Future Leader by searching our list of eligible  primary and secondary schools.

Your school may show as ineligible if your school has been established recently and does have results data yet or if performance data for FSM6 pupils was unavailable. If you cannot find your school in our list, please contact schools@future-leaders.org.uk for further guidance.

Make a case for your school

Schools that do not meet our eligibility criteria but feel they are working in a challenging environment in which The Future Leaders Trust could make an impact, or if they are actively supporting other schools which meet our criteria, can make a case to work with us. See our FAQs  here. They must be based on factors such as:

  • Percentage of disadvantaged pupils making expected progress in English and maths is significantly below the national average
  • Percentage of pupils going on to higher education is significantly below the national average
  • Percentage of pupils with below functional reading ages and/or high levels of low prior attainment
  • Percentage of persistent absence and/or suspensions/exclusions
  • Percentage of teaching which is less than good
  • High number of mental health and/or child protection referrals
  • High re-advertisement rates of vacancies
  • Local Authority wide results for attendance, OFSTED or the attainment gap

For more information about making a case to work with The Future Leaders Trust, please email schools@future-leaders.org.uk  or see our FAQs  on eligibility and making a case.

and see our FAQs for schools on eligibility and making a case.

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