Eligibility Criteria for Schools

We are committed to working with schools that support our mission to raise the achievement of children, regardless of background, and to provide them with equal choices and opportunities in life.  We work with schools in three categories which focus on deprivation rates and the relative underachievement of disadvantaged pupils.

*Our definition of disadvantaged pupil is as per those on the DfE performance tables – namely those considered as eligible for free school meals and children looked after (i.e. In the care of the Local Authority for at least six months)

We will also work with any school currently in Special Measures (although these schools may not be appropriate for residency placements).

Search for your school

You can find out if your school could work host a Future Leader by searching our list of eligible  primary and secondary schools.

Your school may show as ineligible if your school has been established recently and does have results data yet or if performance data for FSM6 pupils was unavailable. If you cannot find your school in our list, please contact schools@future-leaders.org.uk for further guidance.

Make a case for your school

Schools that do not meet our eligibility criteria but feel they are working in a challenging environment in which The Future Leaders Trust could make an impact, or if they are actively supporting other schools which meet our criteria, can make a case to work with us. See our see our FAQs  here. They must be based on factors such as:

  • Percentage of disadvantaged pupils making expected progress in English and maths is significantly below the national average
  • Percentage of pupils going on to higher education is significantly below the national average
  • Percentage of pupils with below functional reading ages and/or high levels of low prior attainment
  • Percentage of persistent absence and/or suspensions/exclusions
  • Percentage of teaching which is less than good
  • High number of mental health and/or child protection referrals
  • High re-advertisement rates of vacancies
  • Local Authority wide results for attendance, OFSTED or the attainment gap

For more information about making a case to work with The Future Leaders Trust, please email schools@future-leaders.org.uk or see our FAQs  on eligibility and making a case.

The Future Leaders Programme: eligibility of special schools for Cohort 2014

The Future Leaders Trust recognises the significant educational barriers to students in special schools and pupil referral units, and the important contribution that educators in such establishments make to reducing educational disadvantage.

In line with our aim of working towards closing the educational achievement gap, the Future Leaders Programme is designed to equip participants with the experience and skills to ensure that they can reach headship in a range of challenging schools. We have specific expectations of residency schools to achieve this, including the provision of our six key experiences for every participant.

Special schools are already recognised as eligible schools for the Future Leaders programme. However, they have previously been unable to host Future Leaders embarking on their residency year (first year on the programme). This is because we are concerned that our generalised leadership programme may not offer specialist training or provide context-specific support for special school participants during this crucial phase of the programme.

However, in line with our commitment to reach pupils in a range of challenging circumstances, we would invite special schools to send a short case for eligibility as residency schools. As a residency school, a special school could nominate existing staff members for the programme and support the development of colleagues who successfully pass our assessment process. The purpose of the case is for us to understand the school’s context and to make an informed assessment about the suitability of our programme adequately to support participants in that context to work towards headship.

To submit a case to be considered eligible to host a residency year participant, schools should contact schools@future-leaders.org.uk with no more than one page of text outlining:

  • The key challenges to your students reaching their potential, for example:
    o    Special needs (learning, behavioural, physical, etc.)
    o    Percentage of students who are eligible for Pupil Premium
    o    Percentage of teaching which is less than good

  • Confirmation that the six key experiences can be assured for a residency participant at the school

  • Confirmation that you believe that the Future Leaders programme will sufficiently equip a participant in your school to be an effective member of the senior leadership team (SLT) and deliver whole-school impact for students

All schools hosting residency year participant will be required to agree to our residency expectations, including fully integrating the participant into the school’s SLT and assigning an in-school mentor to support them. All of our participants, regardless of school type, are expected to reach headship within two to five years.

and see our FAQs for schools on eligibility and making a case.

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