Future Leaders

Lead a challenging school in two to five years
Current or aspiring senior leaders with potential to reach headship in two to five years.

Our programme gives participants the skills and strategies to lead challenging schools and make a measurable impact on the lives of children from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

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The Future Leaders programme offers:

  • On-going training and coaching from experienced headteachers and leading practitioners
  • An initial 17 days of intensive leadership development during summer 2016
  • Residency year in an SLT role - remain in your current school or move to a challenging new school. Schools must meet our criteria and offer several key residency experiences.
  • Personalised guidance on plotting your path towards headship
  • Frequent training from leading practitioners
  • Access to an online network providing peer-led tailored support and best practice
  • Visits to exemplary schools across England
  • Topics covered include Improving Teaching and Learning, Establishing School Culture, Leading the Organisation and Leading People.

Applications for a 2015 start are now closed. Applications for a 2016 start will open in November 2015; click here to register your interest in the meantime.

If you know someone with the potential to become the headteacher of a challenging school in two to five years, nominate them for the Future Leaders programme.

To apply to join Cohort '16 you must meet the following criteria:

  • Talent and commitment to become a headteacher of a challenging school in two to five years
  • Outstanding or Good rating in most recent teaching observation and confidence that same rating will be achieved in new lesson observation
  • Evidence of having made substantial positive impact on a school or organisation
  • Teaching and learning experience in English schools within the last five years
  • Cannot have held a substantive headship post
  • You must not have completed nor be pursuing NPQH*
  • Right to work in the UK
  • QTS or QTLS
  • Read and agreed to the Future Leaders terms and conditions, including the payback scheme and residency placement location

Applications for a 2015 start have now closed, but you can register your interest for the 2016 Future Leaders cohort now.

Please read our terms and conditions.

*If you completed NPQH after 2008, you are not eligible for the Future Leaders programme. However, The Future Leaders Trust will look at queries on a case-by-case basis.

  • What is 'payback'?

    All Future Leaders participants are expected to contribute back to the programme either £7,500 or 30 days of their time (or a combination of both) over five years by completing projects and consultancy work. This work will either be generated by Future Leaders and can be applied for, or primarily will be designed and undertaken by participants in support of their network of peers.

    If you are concerned that due to childcare or other commitments you will not be able to complete all of your payback through consultancy, you have the option to make a full or part payment upon starting the programme or at any point during the programme. If a participant is not able or is unsuitable to complete payback through consultancy, or is exited from the programme, the participant will be asked to settle outstanding payback in monetary terms. In the case of programme suspension for maternity leave, for example, the payback period will be extended.

  • Do I have to pay for the programme?

    There is no cost to participants to be in the Future Leaders programme. We do however ask that they 'payback' £7,500, or 30 days of their time, to the programme over the course of five years. This may take the form of peer support, consultancy or project work.

    Please note that if you are a secondary participant, and are going to stay in your current school during your first year on the Future Leaders programme, your school will be required to pay a one-off fee of £1500.

  • What will my salary be during my residency (first) year?

    If you are remaining in your current school for residency, your salary is set by your school.

    For external participants coming from a traditional school background, we recommend that schools at least match your previous salary and/or that they provide a salary in line with the school’s SLT scale.

    For external participants coming from outside of a school context (non-traditional), we recommend that the school provides a salary in line with the school’s SLT scale.

    Please note, The Future Leaders Trust is unable to engage in salary negotiations between participants and schools.

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