Our Headteachers

Our headteachers increased attainment in 5+ A*-C GCSEs (including English and maths) by 6 percentage points between 2011 and 2012 – significantly exceeding the national average of 0.6 percentage points. In 2013, results showed another average increase of 4.1 percentage points.

So far, 87 Future Leaders have secured headships. Here is a list of our current heads:

Cohort '13

  • Sebastien Chapleau, Headteacher, La Fontaine Academy
  • Tracey Griffiths, Acting Head Teacher, Barn Croft Primary School
  • Roxanne Hammond, Head of School, Mill Hill Primary School (from September 2014)
  • Jo Riley, Headteacher, Randal Cremer Primary School
  • Natalie de Silva, Executive Principal, West London Free School Primary and Earls Court Free School Primary
  • David Wayland, Associate Principal, Oasis Bank Leaze
  • Emma Williams, Headteacher, Balham Nursery School and Children's Centre

Cohort '12

  • Mary Mckeeman, Executive Head, Bromley Alternative Provision Academy
  • Ian McCrae, Headteacher, Ore Village Primary Academy

Cohort '11

  • Sarah Bailey, Principal, Ark Little Ridge Primary Academy
  • Annabel Bates, Principal, ARK Elvin Academy
  • Harry French, Principal, Greenwood Academy
  • Deb Garfield, Principal, Aspire Academy
  • David Page, Acting Principal, Trinity Academy
  • Pat Rice, Principal, Oasis Academy MediaCityUK
  • Deborah Sutton, Interim Head, Bassett Green Primary

Cohort '10

  • Wendy Baxter, Interim Principal, Meadstead Primary Academy
  • Charlotte Blencowe Consultant Leader, Buckinghamshire Learning Trust
  • Russell Bond, Principal Designate, Perry Beeches IV
  • Helen Dominique Gobbi, Associate Headteacher, Blessed Thomas Holford Catholic College
  • Tuesday Humby, Principal Designate, Ormiston Academy Widnes
  • Phil Humphreys, Principal, Oasis Academy Mayfield
  • Clare Mills, Consultant Principal, Eston Park Academy
  • Nick Obie, Principal, Parkside Studio College
  • Mark Wyss, Head of Academy, Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy

Cohort '09

  • David Benson, Principal Designate, Kensington Aldridge Academy
  • David Hayes, Principal, Oasis Academy Oldham
  • Shane Ierston, Principal, King’s Leadership Academy Warrington
  • Janine Kellett, Acting Headteacher, Middleton Technology College
  • Martin Knowles, Interim Principal, Oldham Academy North.
  • Nick Lowry, Principal, Co-operative Academy of Stoke-on-Trent
  • Thomas MacDonald, Principal, West Midlands UTC
  • Karl Mackey, Principal, Droylsden Academy
  • Lisa Morgan, Associate Principal, Malcolm Arnold Academy
  • Dan Morrow, Associate Principal, Oasis Academy Isle of Sheppey
  • Natalie Sheppard, Principal, Portsmouth Academy for Girls
  • Grainne Smyth, Headteacher, Leytonstone School
  • Nigel Whittle, Executive Principal, Havelock Academy and Edward Heneage Primary Academy
  • Melanie Wicks, Headteacher, Wellacre Academy

Cohort '08

  • Amanda Bailey, Associate Principal, Bright Futures Educational Trust
  • David Burton, Headteacher, Sir John Thursby Community College
  • Catherine Collier, Principal Designate, UTC Warrington
  • Catherine Edens, Headteacher, Burscough Priory Science College
  • Quentin Gunderson, Headteacher, The Lighthouse Group (TLG) Centre
  • Mark Harrison, Headteacher, The Swinton High School Academy
  • James Haseldine, Headteacher, Stretford High School
  • Peter Haylock, Associate Executive Principal, Fulham College Boys’ School
  • Nicole Haynes, Principal, Mount Carmel Technology School for Girls (starts September 2014)
  • Stephen Henry, Principal, Fulwood Academy
  • Christian Hicks, Headteacher, The Charter School 
  • Matthew Jones, Principal, Globe Academy
  • Oli Knight, Headteacher, Greenwich Free School (starts June 2014)
  • Peter Knight, Principal, Oasis Bank Leaze
  • Michael McKeaveney, Principal Designate, Sir Charles Kao UTC
  • Carly Mitchell, Principal, Oasis Academy South Bank
  • David Shaw, Principal, Grace Academy Darlaston
  • Luke Sparkes, Principal, Dixons Trinity Academy
  • Matthew Tate, Headteacher, Trinity Sevenoaks
  • Andrew Webster, Headteacher, Park View School
  • Matt Williams, Principal, Chelsea Academy (starts September 2014)

Cohort '07

  • Steven Battye, Principal Designate, Internationella Engelska Skolan Tyreso
  • Matt Butler, Executive Principal, Oasis Academy Brightstowe and Oasis Academy Long Cross
  • Glen Denham, Academy Principal, Oasis Academy Shirley Park
  • Lee Faith, Headteacher, Ealing Fields High School
  • Peter Hughes, Executive Principal, Mossbourne Community Academy; and Mossbourne Victoria Park Academy
  • Peter Hyman, Principal, School 21
  • Jessie Kaur, Principal, Oasis Academy Boulton
  • Jane Keeley, Headteacher, Haggerston School
  • Nick Langham, Head of School, Conisborough College
  • Elma McElligott, Associate Headteacher, Woodside High School, A Business & Enterprise Specialist School
  • Allison Moise Dixon, Associate Headteacher, The Palmer Catholic Academy
  • Kevin Rowlands, Principal, Oasis Academy Immingham
  • Ben Thompson, Headteacher, Trinity Academy

Cohort '06

  • Jill Baker, Principal, George Green's School 
  • Andrew Day, Executive Director, Northumberland CofE Academy
  • Claire Edis, Principal, ARK Bolingbroke Academy
  • Rory Fox, Executive Principal, Ryde Academy
  • David Millar, Executive Principal, Oasis Academy Isle of Sheppey
  • Alan Russell, Principal, Winstanley Community College
  • Paul Stone, Associate Headteacher, Holloway School

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