The Programme

general-manchesteracademy-0009 Jayshree Patel, Future Leader, Cohort ‘09

Future Leaders is a leadership development programme for individuals that have the talent to become secondary headteachers after four years and the commitment to improve the life chances of pupils in disadvantaged areas.

What is Future Leaders?

Our focus remains on relentlessly achieving quality outcomes for every child, on pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a headteacher in the 21st century, and on creating leaders who can drive systemic change in an ever more complex environment.


Eligibility criteria

Selection process

Competency framework

Application hints & tips

It offers an accelerated path to secondary headship for qualified current and former teachers who believe passionately that every child has the potential to succeed, regardless of background.

We provide a mix of residential and on-the-job training, coaching from experienced headteachers and placements in exemplary challenging schools. The three-year programme provides talented potential headteachers with:

  • An intensive initial training course, including 14 days of residential training and a series of seminars with leading educational experts
  • A year of residency in a challenging school under the guidance of a mentor headteacher and dedicated Leadership Development Adviser (LDA)
  • Support to secure a senior leadership post following the residency year
  • Continued off-site training and coaching to meet identified development needs
  • Access to peer-reviewed best practice and advice and support from the Future Leaders alumni network

During the programme, participants are expected to develop the skills and vision to make a lasting difference to the lives of pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds.  It is expected that participants will gain senior leadership posts in challenging schools at the end of their residency year and will be working towards headship after a very intense four years.

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