September 2011 19 Future Leader Ravinder Bansal, Little Ilford School, London

Headteachers experiences of Future Leaders

Employ a Future Leader

If you know someone who has the potential to become the head of a challenging primary or secondary school, Future Leaders could be right for them.

Our experience shows that often the leaders we look for may not want to put themselves forward and may not be thinking of headship as the way to fulfil their desire to help pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds, but with a bit of encouragement and support from us they could find themselves doing just that.

Your nominee will go through the same selection process as all other candidates, but we recognise that they have been identified as someone with potential - a member of our team will be in touch to guide them through the application process.

To put forward candidates for entry onto the Future Leaders primary or secondary Cohort '13, visit our nomination site here.

If you have a question regarding nominations please don't hesitate to contact our recruitment team on

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