Meet Future Leaders

Future Leaders work in different schools in different contexts. They take leadership roles in primary and secondary schools across the country. Here you can see for yourself how view the Future Leaders programme.

Sarah Mitchell, Amelia Nelson and Jo Riley are all from the first intake of primary Future Leaders. They talk about why they joined the programme, how they felt about being amongst colleagues from a different phase, what they have learned and their ambitious aspirations for their schools.

Future Leaders David Burton and Evelyn Forde joined the Future Leaders programme in 2008 and they provide their own accounts of their experiences of the Future Leaders programme. Topics covered include the application process, training, impact of residency year, key skills for senior leadership and their plans for the future.


Sarah Mitchell, Assistant Headteacher, Gonville Academy, Surrey


Amelia Nelson, Assistant Headteacher, Bigland Green Primary School, East London


Jo Riley, Headteacher, Randal Cremer Primary School, East London


David Burton, Deputy Headteacher, St Michael's Cof E High School, Merseyside


Evelyn Forde, Deputy Headteacher, Copland Community School, London

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